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County Officials

The goal of the Board of Supervisors is to guide the County, prepare for the future, increase public awareness, and make the best decisions for the citizens of Bland County. Learn More >
The office of Clerk of Circuit Court dates from 1619. From those early days until the present, the Clerk's duties have changed significantly, but the office remains vitally important to the residents of each county and city. Learn More >
The Commissioner of the Revenue is a State Constitutional officer as set forth in the Constitution of Virginia and is the chief assessing officer of the local government. It is an elected position for a four-year term and serves the taxpayers as well as the County. Learn More >
The Commonwealth's Attorney represents the people of Virginia in prosecuting criminal cases. The position is similar to that of the "District Attorney" in many other states. Learn More >
The Mission of Bland County Schools is to provide a safe and challenging environment where students will be given the opportunity to learn and acquire skills necessary for a responsible and productive life while developing an appreciation for their community. Learn More >
Today, the Sheriff's responsibilities cover a range of public safety functions. Sheriffs provide all law enforcement services, including investigated crimes, pursuing offenders, and making arrests. Learn More >
The elected position of Treasurer was created in the Virginia Constitution of 1870. The Treasurer's independent status as an elected official ensures that local funds will be collected, invested and spent by an officer that reports directly to the people. Learn More >