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Animal Control

All dogs picked up and/or impounded in Bland County are immediately transported to the Wythe County Animal Shelter.  If you believe your dog has been impounded, please call the Wythe County Animal Shelter at (276) 228-6003 to make arrangements to pick it up and obtain directions to the shelter.

Additionally, the Animal and Litter Control Officer works to supervise the probationers in the Bland County Assign-A-Highway Program.  Criminal defendants from Bland County General District and Circuit Courts may be assigned by the court to complete community service in the program and must pick up litter alongside a two mile stretch of assigned Bland County roadway at least once every two weeks.  Their reported work is closely verified by the Animal and Litter Control Officer who works in coordination with the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Virginia Department of Probation and Parole, the Court System, and the probationers.

To report any animal law violations or to request a stray dog to be picked up, please call the Bland County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center at (276) 688-3900.  Please be prepared to provide the dispatcher with as much information as possible.  You will be asked to give your name and telephone number so that you may be contacted by the Animal and Litter Control Officer should any further questions arise during the course of the investigation.  Please rest assured that all names and telephone numbers are handled with strict confidentiality.

To better serve and protect the citizens of Bland County, the Animal and Litter Control Officer works on a flexible schedule to allow for increased enforcement activity and community presence based on demand for services and community need.

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