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Bland County Welcomes Roots Hair Studio
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Bastian, Virginia was the place to be Friday afternoon as Bland County welcomed a new business, Roots Hair Studio.

Proprietors Miah Clark and RheaAnn Havens hosted an open house that saw several community members and representatives celebrate their new business endeavor. David Dillow, Chairman of the Bland County Economic Development Authority (EDA) welcomed Miah and RheaAnn at the start of the ceremony stating, “on behalf of the EDA, we welcome Roots Hair Studio to the Bland County business community. We wish RheaAnn and Miah the best in their new endeavor and look forward to them having years of success.”

“We are very appreciative of everyone coming out and supporting us today,” stated Miah Clark and RheaAnn Havens. “We are excited to be part of the Bland County business community and look forward to providing great services, to not only our friends and family, but to the community and region.” Roots Hair Studio is located at 4934 N. Scenic Highway in Bastian. Randy Johnson, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, was ecstatic in welcoming the new business. “It is always exciting to be a part of a celebration in the opening of a new business. However, it is especially exciting to be here today, to support these two young entrepreneurs. Bland County is a wonderful place to live and work, and we are glad that two of our young citizens, Miah and RheaAnn, decided to open their business here in Bland County.”

Adam Kidd, Sharon District Supervisor, also was excited to see two entrepreneurs open a business in Bland County, “today is another great day in Bland County. Not only is it exciting that we have another new business in our community, but it is also exciting to see such a wonderful turnout for the event today. Bland County is a special place, with special people. Bland County is known for its local pride and we encourage everyone to support all the local businesses here in the County. Being a small county, it is important that we patronize all of our local businesses and support them as much as we can.”