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Press Release - Burton Named County Administrator for the County of Bland
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(Bland County, Virginia) Bland County officials announce at their regular monthly meeting that Cameron Burton will replace long standing County Administrator Eric Workman when he steps down at the end of April 2023. Burton will serve as Assistant County Administrator from March 1st until she takes over that position on May 1, 2023.

“As chair of the Board of Supervisors, I am ecstatic to have Cameron Burton move into this new role. During her tenure with the County of Bland she has displayed an outstanding understanding of the needs of rural communities as well as a passion and dedication that is effective in accomplishing positive outcomes,” stated Adam Kidd. Mr Kidd continued, “we appreciate the work that Dr. Workman has done during his tenure with the County of Bland and it is exciting to know that there will be an overlapping during the next couple of months to ensure a smooth transition."

"We are excited to have Cameron Burton as our new County Administrator," stated Supervisor Randy Johnson. He continued, “the role of county administrator is an important position that not only oversees the day-to-day operations of the county, but also works diligently with various local, regional, and state partners. Cameron has excellent organizational skills but also has that essential quality to develop and maintain positive partnerships that will be very beneficial in her new role with the County of Bland.

Cameron Burton has served in various positions within the County of Bland operation since 2011. Her most recent post as Director of Library and Community Services. “Having Cameron in her current role has afforded her the opportunity to work closely and become an essential part in the current administrative team,” stated Supervisor Stephen Kelley. “We have had significant success as a locality for over the past decade and it is exciting to have a local member of that administrative team assume the role as County Administrator and continue to work successfully for the benefit of the citizens of the County of Bland.” Burton will assume the role as Assistant County Administrator on March 1, 2023. She will then transition into the role as County Administrator effective May 1, 2023.

In the fall of 2022, current County Administrator, Eric Workman, announced that he would be stepping down at the end of his contract April 30, 2023. Workman started his tenure as county administrator in September 2010 after spending three years as high school principal in Bland County. “It has been an honor to serve in the role of county administrator for the past twelve and a half years and as high school principal with Bland County Public Schools for the three years prior to joining the team at the County of Bland,” stated Workman in the 2022 press release. He continued in that release, “Bland County is not only a fantastic community, but also a community full of magnificent people. It is the type of community that all communities should try to model themselves after. I have been blessed to work with a great staff, dedicated elected officials, and fantastic people throughout the region and state during my tenure. Words cannot express how grateful I am to them all, especially the people of Bland County.”

Workman was excited to learn of the news of the appointment of Burton at the February 28th meeting of the Board of Supervisors. “I am delighted that the Board of Supervisors appointed Cameron Burton as the next county administrator. As a witness to her daily commitment and devotion to the citizens and the community at large of Bland County, Cameron is an excellent selection. It has been an honor to serve and work with a outstanding team in County Administration, all county departments, volunteers, regional groups, the list goes on and on. A community is successful, when it works together in a positive endeavor and Bland County is a prime example of how that is accomplished. Cameron Burton, and the County of Bland, will continue to have much success in the future as they work together.”

The selection process of a county administrator takes significant time and effort. During the Supervisors Time of the Board Meeting, all members of the Board of Supervisor, Adam Kidd, Randy Johnson, Stephen Kelley, and Keith Costello, each thanked the various staff, community members, and community at large for their support and participation.


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