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Press Release - Bland County Recycling
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AUGUST 1, 2017

Bland County Recycling Program Flyer

Bland County recently adopted modifications to its recycling program due to current issues with disposal. It is becoming more difficult to dispose of recyclables because there is downturn in their market value. The county has secured a location that will accept the recycling, but the recycling must be sorted properly. If it is not sorted properly, then the recycling load may be rejected as trash. 

 One issue with the current containers is that often non-recyclables are placed in the bins or the incorrect recyclables are placed in the wrong bins. In order to address the issues with sorting, effective August 10th, all recycling containers will be located at the Bland County Wastewater Treatment Plant at 411 Hicksville Road in the Bastian area of the County. There will be separate containers for each of the recycling items. Curbside recycling will continue the first full week of each month. Residents are reminded to make sure recycling is sorted and set away from regular trash.

 The following is a list of materials that will be collected:

Cardboard (all cardboard must be broken down and flattened)

#1 Plastics must be placed in clear Trash Bags (all caps removed and containers cleaned)

#2 Plastics must be placed in white Trash Bags (all caps removed and containers cleaned)

Aluminum cans must be placed in clear Trash Bags (all cans must be cleaned)

The following is a list of items that will not be collected:

Newspapers or any other paper product         Bubble Wrap

Shrink Wrap                            


Frozen   Food Bags

Bread Bags                              





Wax   Milk Cartons

Plastics other than #1 or #2  


Wax   Juice Cartons

Feed Bags with Plastic Liners


Household   Trash


Recycling Reminders:

All recycling material must be cleaned and separated

All Cardboard must be flattened

#1 and #2 Plastics must be separated in different bags and cleaned with the caps removed


White Goods will still be collected as normal



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